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    YAAO Valve
    specializes in manufacturing forged steel valves
    forgings and forged fittings.
Gate Valve
Gate Valve
Globe Valve
Globe Valve
Check Valve
Check Valve
Ball Valve
Ball Valve
Valve Actuator & Switch
Valve Actuator & Switch

Reliable Quality

Yaao Valve has ISO 9001 certified facilities and systems. We conduct a stringent quality management program based on our quality assurance system that covers raw material selection, design, die creation, manufacturing, assembly, inspection and testing, cleaning and shipment. Our quality management system will guarantee each valve meets the required specification.

Competative Price

Our mission coupled with our product line manufactured to the highest quality standards at a competitive price, which continues to be what separates us from the competition.

Best Service

As a full-service valve company, we offer a variety of products as well as modifications and field and services. Our modification facility is equipped to provide a wide range of custom modifications. Our valve expertise is unmatched, and we look forward to servicing your future valve needs.

Top Forged Steel Valve Manufacturer in China

Founded in 1991, China Forged Steel Valve Co., Ltd is dedicated to being specialized in producing forged steel valves from the very beginning. Our product line includes Forged Steel Gate Valves, Forged Steel Check Valves, Forged Steel Globe Valves, Forged Steel Ball Valves, and Valve Actuators & Switches with unique design features. Over the years, We have become one of the leading manufacturers of forged steel valves and have a solid reputation for our reliable quality and competitive price in this area. Our products are widely used in various industrial markets, such as Chemical, Petro Chemical, Oil & Natural Gas, Power, Refineries, Industrial Plats and many other industries.
Our Company covers an area of 23400 square meters and a construction area of 22000 square meters. We have fully integrated in-house forged steel valve manufacturing facilities, with an annual output of 25,000 tons of various types of forged steel valves, which allows us to develop high-quality products at a competitive price.

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Fetured Products

Flanged A182 F321H Forged Gate Valve 1/2-4 Inch 150-2500 LB

Flanged A182 F321H Forged Gate Valve  Design Specifications: Body Material: ASTM A182 F321H. Size:...

Flanged A182 F304L Forged Check Valve1/2-4 Inch API 602

Design Specifications: Body Material: A182 F304L.    Size: from NPS 1\2 to NPS 4 Inch. Class:...

BW A182 F304L Forged Globe Valve 3/8-4 Inch 150-2500 LB

BW A182 F304L Forged Globe Valve Design Specifications: Body Material: ASTM A182 F304L. Size: from NPS...

BW A182 F347 Forged Gate Valve 1/2-4 Inch 900-2500 LB

BW A182 F347 Forged Gate Valve Design Specifications: Body Material: ASTM A182 F347. Size: From NPS...