About China Forged Steel Valve Manufacturers | EN |
China Forged Steel Valve Co., Ltd. has specialized in the design and manufacture of FORGED Steel valves for more than 30 years and has created an excellent reputation for quality and economical products in the global market. 

We conduct scientific research, development, production, distribution, and after-sales service. We have our own forged valve factory, CNC machining used in all production processes, and do phosphate processing by ourselves. We provide a wide range of valves including Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, and Ball Valves, which comply with the CE, TS, ISO, and other international certificates and standards. Our valve designs are specially made to give a high degree of reliability, sustainability, durability, and the highest standards in the entire production process.

The innovative valve products are applied in gas, oil, refining, chemical, power generation, and pipeline transmission industries. Our products are exported to over 40 countries e.g. USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Iran, UAE, Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, etc.

We have powerful technical capabilities, advanced production and inspection equipment, scientific management, high-quality products, and perfect after-sales service.

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