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Key Specifications / Features

Model No.: YV-VLS-01 Hits: 193

China Valve Limited Switch Manufacturer offers Mechanical Valve Limited Switch SS5GL/SS10GL, Proximity Sensor NJ2-V3-N, Switch dimension, Namur bracket.

Namur bracket NJ2-V3-N SS5GL/SS10GL Valve Limited Switch

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Detail Information

Valve Limited Switch Features:                                                                        
-Solid and compact design.
 Aluminium  die-casting housing and powder coating.   
-Bolts on visual position indicator.
-Quick-set” cam
 Spring loaded splined cam.
 No need to adjust again after initial setting.
 Easy setting without tool.
-Dual cable entries.
 2 x 1/2 NPT(Standard ) M20,PG13.5,PF1/2”,PT1/2".(Option).
-Captive cover bolts.
 worry to loose bolts while cover open.
-Easy mounting bracket.
 NAMUR standard stainless steel shaft and bracket.

Enclosure Weatherproof IP67/NEo MA4&4X IP 68 Housing cover&body Aluminium die casting
Ambient temperature  -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃  
Shaft Stainless steel
Indicator cover Polycarbonate
Conduit entries Two NPT1/2” Two PF1/2”,PT1/2” M20,PG13.5 Indicator ABS/Polycarbonate
Terminal Strips 8 points (0.08-2.5mm²)   Cam Polycarbonate
Position indicator 0° ~ 90° (90° turn free join)
            close:red open:yellow
0 ~ 90° close:red
Spring Stainless steel
Housing cover bolt Stainless steel
Switches Mechanical switch x2
            proximity sensor x2
  O -ring NBR
Bushing Bronze
            External coating
            Polyester podwer coating(black)
Nylon others on request 
red,green,blue, yellow,silver,
E-ring(shaft) Stainless steel
Earth lug Stainless steel
Shaft Standard shaft(83mm/16mm) Option shaft(FREE) Bracket Stainless steel
        Position indicator

Re-adjustment available upon required direction

Conduit entries                  
Cable entry due to length and thickness

90° Closed or Open for rotary application
90°Open or Closed for rotary application
45° Open or Closed for linear application

Captive cover bolts            
cover bolts are specially designed to
prevent loosing it during maintenance or

Switch Specifition
Mechanical switch (2SPDT) APL-210N  Proximity sensor APL-220N
Standard switch : SS5GL(Omron)
2SPDT  switches   (option: spst-nc, spst-no) 
Contact arrangement: 250V AC/3A, 125V AC/5A
250VDC/0.2A , 125VDC/0.4A, 30VDC/4A,
Optional switch: SS10GL(Omron)
2SPDT  switches   (option: spst-nc, spst-no)
Contact arrangement: 250V AC/10.1A, 125V AC/10.1A 
250VDC/0.2A , 125VDC/0.4A, 30VDC/4A,
Approved standards:UL,CSA,SEMKO,SEV  EN61058-1
Standard sensor : NJ2-V3-N (P&F) 
Inductive proximity sensor (intrinsically safe)
Voltage range: 8V DC ( IP67 to IEC 60529) 
Operating distance: 2mm
Optional sensor EMC to  EN60947-5-2
NBB2-V3-E2/E3(PNP): 10 - 30V DC  Operating distance: 2mm
NBB2-V3-E0    (NPN): 10 - 30V DC  Operating distance: 2mm 
NBB3-V3-Z4/Z5: 5 - 60V DC  Operating distance: 3mm


          Bracket ( NAMUR Standard ) Model No Material Application
MBP-100 Stainless steel 30x80 h20
MBP-200 Stainless steel 30x80 h30
MBP-300 Stainless steel 30x130 h30
MBP-400 Stainless steel 30x130 h50